Wave Crest

Since the WCCC was formed in 1996 and probably for years before that, the question has been, “what was the first known mark on Monroe pieces?”

After all of these years it is still a question that we as collectors still would like to find the answer to, but we may never know.

We do know that Wave Crest is marked and unmarked which does not change the value on those pieces. One of the marks is the beautiful red banner mark which also indicates “Trade Mark” and also the “C.F.M. Co and what appears to be a bird in flight. One of the other marks is just a plain Wave Crest in black letters and the other one is the Wave Crest also in black with the words trade mark on the side. There was also a paper label used on Wave Crest, it appears to read Patented October 1891.

IMG_0017 wavecrest bannerwavecrestblack markwave crest mark


We have found out that Monroe’s first mark was the one just above, the BOLD black mark.



Here is another photo of three labels that were found on the same piece of Wave Crest, the paper label indicating that is Wave Crest Ware, one that is blank and the other with a price of $6.25 and maybe an invoice number 93459 I believe.


wavecrestlabels2 (2)


Mirrored traycfmclockwc2


Notice the gold tracing on the next two boxes the first one is the Crystal Box

crystal box

This second one is almost identical in Opal ware same gold tracing with flowers

and to top it off both are in the Helmschmeid swirl pattern.

wc peter 3 wc box peter 1 wc box peter 2