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About the Wave Crest Collectors Club



Wave Crest Collectors Club (WCCC) was organized by a small group of Monroe glass collectors meeting in  Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas in 1996. The purpose of the club is to share the knowledge and appreciation of the wares developed by the C.F. Monroe Company. Glassware such as Wave Crest, Nakara, Kelva, and Cut Glass, as well as Sterling and Metal Novelties.

In 1880 Charles Fabyan Monroe started his own business in Meriden, Connecticut selling imported glass and soon his first shop was enlarged to become a decorating studio and showroom.  By 1886 the studio evolved into the C.F. Monroe Company.  The company became renowned for its elegant and finely decorated Victorian opal glass known as “Wave Crest” – a name which has virtually become a synonym for the Monroe Company itself.  As business increased, the company was formally incorporated in 1892.  However, the Art Nouveau era was ending and times were changing.  By 1916 the company closed its doors and the corporation was officially dissolved the next year.

Mr. Monroe passed away in 1919 and is buried in Providence, Rhode  Island.

It is all about the glass



Welcome to our site, which is devoted to the collectors of the fine art glass that was decorated and distributed by the C. F. Monroe Company. As we all know when you collect glass that was made around the turn of the century, condition is of the utmost importance. A little chip, a crack, or maybe even a mold mark will influence your decision on whether or not to purchase a piece. Thus the title “It is all about the glass”. The glass holds the key to every collectors dream, the quality of it, the decoration upon it and the mold. The Monroe Company used the best glass it could purchase and or produce. The decorators were the best that could be found and the cutters were the best in the Cut Glass world.


You will find on this site that we have tried to cover all the bases and picture as many items as we could for your viewing pleasure, we hope that you enjoy browsing and may some day join us in the pursuit of C.F. Monroe’s wares.





You can contact the club via email